Sable Goalkeeper Glove | Soccer goalie gloves padded finger strips reinforced German Latex soft professional and training football glove

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Product Overview

The Sable Hubb> Goalie Soccer Goalkeeper glove is made of 100% German Latex, soft and durable. The glove is made of inner Strips to protect the player fingers against shocks and pressure. The Glove is padded with a comfortable sized layer of cotton that prevent injury and pressure from punching or stopping the ball.

The Sable Hub is one of the prettiest and well designed soccer goalkeeper glove. it can be worn with any type of soccer equipment with it black design with red stripes. 

The Glove comes in multiple sizes ranging from 7 to 10. The Sable Hub Soccer Goalkeeper glove is made for professional goalkeepers as well as soccer training.

  • MATERIAL: The Sable Hub Goalkeeper Glove is made of German Glove, soft and durable
  • FINGER PROTECTION: Our Gloves are made with protective strips inside the glove to protect fingers against shock and pressure
  • PADDED: Soft and Durable, the Sable Hub Glove is made of durable German glove, padded all around the fingers, the palms and the wrist
  • FOR TRAINING AND PROFESSIONALS: The Sable Hub Glove is a professional grade glove that is also suitable for training and comes in multiple sizes from 7 to 10 and can be worn with any type of soccer equipment